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The Power of Communication

communication wellbeing Jul 27, 2019

As people we all need people. We need to connect. To effectively reach and meet with another soul. To interact. To communicate verbally, visually, spiritually. To share. To believe. To be heard. 

Communicate - to share or exchange ideas, news or information 

But sometimes we also need to ‘go quiet’ and just ‘be’. 

Last week I took a mini-break and had two days away from the office - or that was the plan… I left on Monday evening and intended to be back on Wednesday afternoon after a couple of days walking and camping on the North Yorkshire Coast.

In reality I did just that but I also added something else which I hadn’t planned on.

*  *  *  I took a social media holiday!  *  *  *

Despite being a stunning place and having plenty to share, I shared nothing. Sure I took loads of photos and I intended to share and post ‘at some point’. Other than letting immediate family know  where I was and that I had fabulous views of the full moon and the lunar eclipse - I shared nothing.

For a social creature, like I usually am, this was weird but wonderful.

Moreover, I returned home and just wanted to remain quiet. 

And things just seemed to fall into place. Those usually at home went away for a few days giving me total peace and solitude right through to Monday.

It wasn’t planned but I so enjoyed ‘my time’ and found myself not checking my phone and definitely not looking at any social media. I just took a social media holiday! A communication holiday, no connecting and no thinking about others for a few days.

I slowly started looking at few things online from Tuesday, but found that by Friday, I really hadn’t spent anytime at all. Hadn’t made any real connections, or any effort. Just responded to birthdays and a few lovely family posts.

I used the time to jump fully into the activities that I had scheduled for the week. I enjoyed being creative, not distracted. I loved being focused, not flitting between things. I created videos, an new course, planned client sessions, prepared to onboard a new corporate account - all very productive. All immensely rewarding. All hugely satisfying that they were done with focus and determined direction.

And as I am writing this, my phone keeps pinging with notifications and updates… I spent a couple of hours last night ‘catching up’ and connecting ‘online’ with people I had met at a networking event on Thursday night - the net result is the the communications and connections are back in full flow! :) :) 

It is good to be in touch. To share. To connect. To encourage. To witness. To be inspired. To learn.


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Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments below as I would love to hear from you!

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