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Brightness abounds. Be open to what might be next...

As we journey through life we experience ups and downs, excitement and despair, love and sadness, passion and fear, and a myriad of other emotional states as wonderful human beings.

I liken the journey of life to the flow of a river.

Imagine, when you are born you arrive at the source of your river of life. A pre-chosen river of life that we will flow down in our human experience. The source of the river is small and often a gentle burble as it emerges from the Earth.

The water will find its way gently forward, pushing through the grasses, around the obstacles with no real urgency, just forward momentum. Just as a baby, and a young child, grows and develops strength and experiences in early years. With guidance from those around us, we learn new things and are supported by the structures of our family and community.

As the river gains momentum and strength from others along the way, so do we. As teenagers we relish the excitement of new opportunities and exposure to new energy. The river gets this from the surrounds as it journeys and the tributaries that join together bringing their own energy from the environments they have passed through. 

As with rivers, our early beginnings shape and form our essence. 

As we grow we become a mix of our experiences and our inputs. It doesn't make us less, or broken. It doesn't make us more worthy, or special. It is what it is.. 

What does make a difference is, what we do with what we have, now.

Returning to the river. This beautiful clear running stream is joined by other wonderful fresh clear waters, each from a different environment. Some from the hills, others from the moorlands, some rich in minerals, others rich in vibrant energy of the woodland through leaf litter. The water doesn't segregate, it mixes and flows together.

Scientific analysis can now determine the source of every molecule of water in a river. The DNA imprint of every experience is encoded in each water molecule. This is truly amazing. 

And so are we. Every moment of our lives leaves an imprint. Sometimes small but profound. Other times wildly impactful in the moment but not necessarily beneficial for our inner quality and the overall experience of those around us and the wider environment.

Our gorgeous fresh young stream, meets up with another stream that has emerged from a polluted landscape. The molecules mix and poisons, whilst diluted, are now present in the combined river.

Is this bad? Is this the end of the beauty and purity and goodness for our river?

Why no. The very next landscape the river is passing through is a reed bed of magnificent proportions. A natural cleanser. A smoother of troubles and calming the anxiety through the gentle wafting of the reeds and the chatter of the multitude of birds. The power of the reeds removes the toxins and the calms the flow.

At any moment we can experience things that support us or things that might challenge us. By noticing, witnessing and understanding that this too will pass, we can move forward with certainty that nothing in life is permanent. Neither the good nor the not-so-good...

Sometimes nature and the journey through the every changing environments is enough to keep us calm and going with the flow in peace. But not always.

Catastrophic events, man-made or not, can severely impact our state of flow. This is the journey of life on Earth. Likewise, we sometimes need man-made interventions to support our return to the natural 'happy state' as quickly as possible.

After dramatic flooding, chemical spills, etc. rivers can really benefit from human interventions. A clean-up operation enables the river, and all within her, to recover sooner supporting the wider community around her too.

We humans, can also benefit from interventions enabling us to 'course-correct' sooner than we might if left to 'figure things out". These may be medical, therapeutic, physical, emotional, spiritual, or any range of different support mechanisms. 

In both cases, the river and the human, it takes an expert, or team of experts, to assess, understand what has happened and evaluate the 'best' course of action. Looking in as an observer with an array of options available, enables choices to be presented, which will trigger a change in behaviour or inner quality.

Neither is "broken". The river is still a river, the human is still a human. Both have experienced something that puts them in a position where they could really benefit from help in this moment.

As life continues day to day. Are you flowing with ease and grace or, have events along the way had an impact, that an expert could support you with?

We are each unique individuals and the way we respond to events will differ, but... there are many people who have gone before, and others who have made a lifetime of studying and supporting different scenarios, who have the energy and love to support the clearing of our "clean-up".

Know you are not broken
Help is available, but sometimes we have to acknowledge and accept that we need it
Well meaning friends are not experts.. They support your journey but establish what you need from those who can help

with love


Life is a journey, enjoy the flow: Allow experts to be involved..

From the Life in Flow Series by Lynda Fussell

If you are finding things difficult please reach out and talk to someone. It is tough, any change is difficult.

I, and many other people around you, will do what we can to support you. Please reach out. Ask for help. Talk to others. 

There are a range of options available:


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