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Finding your flow. Living a life that feels good!

Join this webinar to refresh your life.
Finding health and happiness through small changes. Making sense of what works for each of us as unique beautiful people.

Here’s to your health, happiness and success!

Find your mojo
Live the life you desire, aspire and deserve
Create amazing habits around self-care and self-love
Divorce and relationship breakdowns are traumatic and disruptive
Childhood trauma reverberates throughout your life
Together we find the real you again..

Welcome to our world

where we revitalise and celebrate your health, happiness and success


Create the future you desire and deserve.  

I will help you find your way.

I am on your side.

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FLOW through life with ease and grace. Helping you survive and thrive through life's challenges.

Freedom, Love, Outdoors, Who you are!

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A safe, powerful, meditative healing to clear emotional traumas locked in our cells.

There is a way through every block.

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Peaceful and inspiring.

Walking and yoga retreats.

In the beautiful North Yorkshire countryside.

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Specialist in surviving and thriving relationship breakdowns

Find your way through the heartache, trauma, fear and feelings of failure
Know that you are perfect
You are important and still have much to offer the world
You owe it to yourself and your family to find your strength, joy and love once again

Insights and Lessons from Lockdown

Catch up on the UK lockdown experience and insights gained

Books, Articles & Courses

Over the years I have studied with many experts and written many articles myself. Most recently I was invited to contribute to The Success Formula. Such an honour. I am truly grateful for this amazing experience.

My desire is to share what I have learnt, and experienced through my own life and adventures, in a way that resonates with you.

I am fascinated with how we humans work. The latest research in neuroscience, brain retraining, emotional distress, stress and trauma makes for a very deep complimentary repertoire to my business experience.

Press Release - Best Seller ranking

Download your own copy of Chapter 15 and discover The Action Cycle

"If you have a mind, you have a mission"

Jai Dev Singh
I love this quote as it really embodies our desires to be who we are destined to be

Our lives are journeys of constant discovery. As young children we explore and develop through experimentation and learning. So often through life we lose that ability, or we shut it down, to survive and live the life others expect us to live. At some point, I believe we all have ‘a wakeup call’, where we stop and look at what we have achieved, experienced and accomplished; and then we look to what else do we really want to focus on next.

We are all perfect and all travelling this journey of life. We all experience moments of sadness, great joy, hurt, fear, intense pleasure and relief. “Stuff’ happens to all of us, and the only thing we can control is the way we act, or react, in the situation.

With greater awareness, and understanding, of who we really are, deep down at soul level, we are able to revitalise our inner strength and wisdom of ages leading to greater fulfilment and accomplishment in our lives each and every day. As we grow, we feel stronger, our reactions become more ingrained and our lives become more meaningful and happier.

Our health and our happiness are integrally linked and greatly impact our success! Our team are here to support your journey, your success and your greater health and happiness. Welcome – it is fantastic to have you join the community, where you are valued and you are perfectly placed to develop your understanding of you, of me, of us.


For you to grow and fulfil your true potential, and to get to where you want to be, you will need to make some changes in your life.

I am here to support, challenge, question and guide you as you move into the future you desire and deserve.

"Thanks for today’s session. More than validated my decision to go ahead with you. I’ve attached my reflections, and also a photo of the notes I took during the session. Not necessarily for you to go over (I archive these emails so it’s a good way for me to keep a record of everything related), but if you do you might spot a nugget. "

Colin M
Yorkshire, UK

"Being in her presence, one feels genuinely cared for. Her purpose in life appears to be ensuring the sustained welfare of others and this shines though in her behaviour and presence."

Ian M
Senior Exec, Global Tech Company

"Lynda was recommended to me after medical tests couldn’t find any reasons for my acute bladder issues. I was open to try anything as my condition was really impacting my life. After the first session I felt completely relaxed, like I’d been on a deep meditation journey, but wasn’t sure how this would help. Wow… the change was incredible. Each week I got better and better. The healing sessions, along with Lynda’s wise counsel, helped me regain my life, my happiness and my ability to travel long distance without massive fear and plans of all the possible toilet stops along the way… I had 6 sessions and they were incredible."

Sally H
United Kingdom

"After I pinged our session notes to you, I spun around in my chair. Caught sight of ‘Transform Your Story’ written on a piece of paper on the wall. Our conversation about names, rattling around my head.
I threw the paper in the bin.
Then it clicked that I was surrounded by words. Hundreds of books (and hundreds in the loft and the garage...). Can’t be many words that I’m not surrounded by.
Took me 2 minutes before I found it."

Colin M
Derbyshire, UK

"Thank you for making time today.
It was a very valuable and completely unexpected conversation - and result.
I think this is about getting out of my comfort zone and continuing to grow and challenge myself - and value my worth!
So, thanks for shining that light."

Sue C
London, UK

"Lynda has a diverse formal knowledge of analytical tools as well as the practical experience to effectively apply this knowledge to benefit someone regardless of their unique circumstances."

Ian M
Berkshire, UK

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