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Overwhelmed or Living in Flow?

action prioritisation Oct 31, 2021

So much to do and so much that needs doing....

Do you ever have the feeling of 'oh heck', what next and then find yourself watching the hours evaporate in your day?

You know what is needed. You know how to do it. You want to do it. But somehow getting started is the hardest thing.

And, if you start and then find yourself drawn to something else, what is that about?

In today's reflections I want to explore the why this happens and what we can do to make life easy for ourselves - after all this is what we all want really, isn't it?

We are all human

Our brains all work in the same way. Yes that might seem a surprising statement but if we pause for a moment and really consider this concept it is true. Look at our amazing human body, we all have a heart, blood, muscles, bones etc and they all work in exactly the same way in all of us, barring a few modifications that we might incur during our human lifetime. 

The same is true for our brain. 

What differs is the way our thoughts, reactions and emotions fire within our brain and these are dependent on our experiences and our conditioning. This is the power of our mind.

Without any conscious control or training our mind (the way we think consciously, sub-consciously and unconsciously) using the incredible powerhouse of the brain, is at liberty to operate in the way they it has learnt over our lifetime. 

Imagine if we could 'educate' our mind to process thoughts and emotions in a way that supports our mental health and wellbeing.

The importance of training

We educate our bodies through exercise routines, nutrition and similar to perform in a way that pleases us. So perhaps we should look to do something similar with our minds.

There are many ways to do this and, as with physical training, it is a journey of small steps and determining what is our 'joy'.

You don't wake up one morning and find yourself as an medal holding olympic 100m sprinter...

Where to start?

Some seemingly obvious steps might cover:

  • Understand how the mind works
  • Start exercising and developing control over the thoughts
  • Develop the art of enquiry and not always accepting things as they might first appear
  • Try out different options, the art of exploration
  • Delve into greater awareness in the areas that you are drawn to 
  • Expect to see things differently as your understanding grows
  • Prepare to really apply yourself in aspects that resonate and 'feel right'
  • And you will become a leader in your life and perhaps supporting others as they journey through their lives...

So with many things competing for you attention, understand that this is your mind holding everything that you have given energy to and noted as 'needs to be done'.

Take time to really look at what is there, why is it needed and when, what is the real importance. Then allow your conscious logical mind to understand the priority that you have now placed on each item in your list.

Take a breath, relax and enjoy the feeling of getting started with focus and  clarity. You will feel calmer and able to make real headway on those tasks that need your attention. 

Just choose one and get cracking...

Soonest started, soonest done!

If you are feeling 'out of control' and life is pushing you beyond your comfort zone, know that you are not broken. It is ok to not feel ok!

Also know that it really helps to talk. Reach out and speak to someone. 

Find a way to get away from the thoughts in your head doing their own spin-cycle. Write them down on a piece of paper and look at them. Explore each one and see what is really behind the thought and the feelings.

Look at what is needed. What can you do now? What can wait? Who can help?

If you would like to explore the concepts here in more detail or just have time to be heard and make some headway, book a slot and let's put some dedicated time to chat.

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