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Overwhelmed or Living in Flow?

action prioritisation Oct 31, 2021

So much to do and so much that needs doing....

Do you ever have the feeling of 'oh heck', what next and then find yourself watching the hours evaporate in your day?

You know what is needed. You know how to do it. You want to do it. But somehow getting started is the hardest thing.

And, if you start and then find yourself drawn to something else, what is...

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The river of life is a journey and we chose how to travel

In the Flow Academy we are just starting our latest 40 day challenge, which feels more like a beautiful adventure right now.

I am minded that we are all on a journey through this amazing adventure called Life.

There are times when we are floating gently along and all seems well, and other times when it feels crazy - either too busy, too stressful,...

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Bungee Jump - A Leap of Faith

This quote from ‘The Things You Can See Only When You Slow Down’ by Haemin Sunim, struck me very deeply.

"There is only one way to do a bungee jump: Just leap!
The more you think the harder it becomes.
Overthinking only produces anxiety and doubt.
Stop shouting what if and just take a leap of faith." 

In 1996 I spent six weeks...

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A time to connect and rediscover family bonds and friendship


After almost four weeks in lockdown, we are becoming creative, inventive and "finding the time" to reconnect with family and friends. 

I have cousins spread across the world. That isn't unusual, especially when most of us originate from Southern Africa. We are 'friends' on social media, and see pictures and updates from the various families....

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Brimming with potential or drifting?.?.?


What interesting things are happening in your world?

Are you learning new skills? Are you being productive? Are you finding "pops of joy" in your day? 

Or, are you drifting and still feeling a bit lost?

Planning with the joy of threes...

What three things are you going to do in the next three weeks?

What three things are you going to...

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Planning provides structure and success

action covid19 planning Apr 14, 2020

As a former project and change manager you would think that I like plans and structure... hmmm, not really!

I love the excitement of new things and different experiences, but within the context of 'the bigger vision'. So that is where the change manager comes into being. 

Have the end point in mind and work towards that in the best, most efficient,...

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It has to change!

action covid19 wellbeing Apr 07, 2020

There comes a point, when we tell ourselves ‘it has to change!’.  We recognise the life we have been leading is not giving us joy or meaning, maybe even causing pain. 

This point doesn’t usually happen overnight. It builds over time, often many years. 

At the start we can easily ignore it, but as the time between the happy...

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