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Brimming with potential or drifting?.?.?


What interesting things are happening in your world?

Are you learning new skills? Are you being productive? Are you finding "pops of joy" in your day? 

Or, are you drifting and still feeling a bit lost?

Planning with the joy of threes...

What three things are you going to do in the next three weeks?

What three things are you going to do this week to move you towards your goal?

What three things are you committing to do today to move you towards your weekly goal?

How about creating a rolling three day plan that you are in control of, and able to flex with?

What are you learning about yourself?

  • What skills have you got that others are interested in?
  • What new creative exploits are you experimenting with? Recent things I've heard of include, puzzles, pottery restoration, Spanish lessons, keyboard, ukelele..
  • Are you able to receive as well as give? There is a necessary balance of receiving and giving, accept the offer graciously and allow the other person to give their gift.
  • Are there some things that you are so experienced with that you have forgotten how challenging they can still be for others? For me, I have plenty to share re on-line conferencing, and Zoom in particular; stress and anxiety management; energy management and sleep. 
  • Are you listening to your own good advice? That inner voice is filled with wisdom and we just need to tap in to it. 
  • Are you too critical of yourself? Is this the time to be really conscious of self-awareness, self-judgement, self-care and self-love?
  • Are you focused on exercise? What are you enjoying doing? What new things have you tried? I heard a 32 year old talking about doing roly-polys on the lawn :)
  • Are you noticing the changes in nature all around you? Spring has been so spectacular! and it probably is each year, but this year I'm really noticing and seeing it.
  • Valuing the connections with friends and neighbours?
  • Creating new connections with inspiring people? 
  • Considering life after Covid-19?
  • What do you want to achieve in 2020?
  • What new skills are you learning about technology..?

How are you sleeping?

Are you keeping a steady routine of regular bedtimes and getting up times? Many people are struggling.

If things are keeping you awake? Look at them; explore them; mull them over; see what is important. Do you want to do something different? What might that be? Is it relevant?

If it is not relevant moving forward, give yourself permission to let it go.

If it is still relevant, what is needed to change the status? 

What can we do during lockdown in the UK?

  • Essential shopping once a week
  • One form of exercise outdoors each day
  • No public gatherings
  • Only go to work if it is impossible to work from home
    • respect social distancing and guidance
    • if an employee experiences symptoms what are you going to do? Deep clean, shut down, etc?

Have a marvellous weekend.

Keep connecting we really don't know when people we love, respect, enjoy the company of, will no longer be there.

Keep productive and use your time well. Take time for you. Time to heal. Time to explore. Time to rest.

With love


If you are finding things difficult please reach out and talk to someone. It is tough, any change is difficult.

I, and many other people around you, will do what we can to support you. Please reach out. Ask for help. Talk to others. 

There are a range of options available:

  • For those trying to find a routine in working at home
  • If you need someone to talk to, let's have a chat
  • If you are looking for some inspired reading
  • If now is the time to focus on you and what you want in life, we have plenty of time to do that..., then take a look at the various coaching options available 
  • Join in the "mycornerintime" hashtag on instagram and twitter, where I am taking a daily picture of a corner of my world and capturing the beauty of the changes
  • There will be more things over the next few days so sign up for the latest news about home based retreats, group coaching, mental resilience, stress management, home based working, and just keeping sane. 

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