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Being adaptable and going with the flow...


Day 48... Sunday 10 May following the unusual Friday holiday to celebrate VE day.

More uncertainty and perhaps a glimmer of hope?

Are we coming out of lockdown? How are we coping? Have we adapted? Are we redefining what is important? As we move into the new 'rules' are we ready to deal change?

It feels like this has been a time of looking at what we...
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Keep talking and lean in to the connections and support around you


Today's theme is about connection and leaning in.

Leaning in on ourselves - finding our inner strength, pushing ourselves and realising just how strong and capable we really are.

Leaning on others - ask for support. Reach out and connect. Be honest and share what is going on. By voicing those thoughts buzzing around in your head, you are able to make...

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