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Keep talking and lean in to the connections and support around you


Today's theme is about connection and leaning in.

Leaning in on ourselves - finding our inner strength, pushing ourselves and realising just how strong and capable we really are.

Leaning on others - ask for support. Reach out and connect. Be honest and share what is going on. By voicing those thoughts buzzing around in your head, you are able to make sense of many things and others are able to bring a different perspective.

Notice. Listen. Take action...

Look at what is going on in your world. Listen. Observe. Notice.

The Universe regularly sends us little nudges and shows us things we need to see.

How often do we not listen, or take notice?

I have a number of big lessons I have learnt over the years and all of them started with a series of smaller nudges that I wasn't paying attention to and then WHAM!

Be aware of your thoughts, of the little signs around you. Question what they mean and then take action and save yourself a "big hiding".

Keep talking

But mostly, keep talking and supporting yourself and others.

We are all human and we need to connect. Now more than ever we are being given the opportunity to connect. Not the superficial chat over a coffee, or a glass of wine. But the more meaningful, what is going on and how are you doing...

With love


If you are finding things difficult please reach out and talk to someone. It is tough, any change is difficult.

I, and many other people around you, will do what we can to support you. Please reach out. Ask for help. Talk to others. 

There are a range of options available:

  • For those trying to find a routine in working at home
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  • If now is the time to focus on you and what you want in life, we have plenty of time to do that..., then take a look at the various coaching options available 
  • Join in the "mycornerintime" hashtag on instagram and twitter, where I am taking a daily picture of a corner of my world and capturing the beauty of the changes
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