Spring Equinox = new beginnings and The Flow Academy is now available!

The Flow Academy

Who you are
  • Putting meaning back into life

  • Exploring what works and what doesn’t

  • Finding the essence of you and nurturing that

  • Blossoming through life not fading into existence

  • Learning in the way that suits you

  • Connecting, communicating, living

  • Being the best you can be

Are you feeling like you don’t know what you should be doing? Where your life is going? Are people around you ‘busy having fun’, doing things, that you look at in wonder and possibly with some trepidation, angst and frustration that your life is slipping by, or at worst stagnant?

Join us, a community of supportive souls exploring what life means to us and how we chose to live each day exploring what we like, what works for us and finding our own unique flow. There is no pressure but there is plenty of support. No criticism just options to choose, explore, and discuss what works, what doesn’t and how it might be better.

Join us as we find our personal energy that gets our life back in flow. At the Flow Academy it’s like a new type of school – one where, together, we learn, we explore, we share, we support, we encourage, we laugh, we get fitter, we get healthier, we get happier and find out who we really are and what we really desire.

Are you keen to break down the myths of ‘schooling’ where ‘stuff’ is ‘fed’ to you and tests measure your ability to retain and comply? Are you willing to explore what is ‘out there’ and experiment with works for you? Do you desire to find out what really makes a difference to our adult lives? As children we had endless energy, hope and enthusiasm for life, regardless of our circumstances we still found our space, our time and worked through what we were told. There were moments of sheer joy – were they the achievements recognised, holiday shared, secrets whispered or just sneaking another ten minutes reading under the covers by torchlight?  There were moments of despair, abject terror even, and did we ever clear those emotional imprints or are we still carrying them deep in our cells? Are they still impacting our lives today even at a subconscious level? Can we release those ties, with love and honour, and see what is allowed into the space created?

Challenge our beliefs, our habits and our thought processes. Look at how we see the world around us, how we react to situations and how we interact with the world.

Would you be interested in exploring life again? Finding your mojo? Revitalising not depleting your energy daily? Finding new ways of doing things, that might be easier, might be harder but all give you a lesson, an experience, a memory?

Experiences don’t need to cost us a lot of time, money or effort but they do need us to commit and honour ourselves.

We all have the same daily allowance of minutes but every day there are 1,440 fewer available to us....

The Flow Academy is a monthly subscription, with no lock in or minimum membership period.

Membership opens on 20 March 2020 - the Spring Equinox

A time of new beginnings in line with the seasons and earth energies.

Provides access to the community forum, all restricted articles and insights, and the group supported challenges. New content added weekly.

Guest speakers and detailed lessons each month.

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Launching the Flow Academy

Things are changing rapidly for all of us with Covid-19, I have hesitated to launch the Flow Academy at this time but the principles behind the Flow Academy are needed more now than ever.
I have been assured by those I have consulted with that the teachings and experiences offered are needed now, so here we are... finally!
I had always intended the launch to coincide with the Spring Equinox, being the start of something new and a time to be inspired and renewed.

So welcome. It is fabulous to have you join our community. Please engage, be supported and be inspired.


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CALL TO ACTION Be Inspired. Be Healthy. Be Safe and Knowledgeable.

"I have a spring in my step today! Thank you so much for yesterday. It was a life changing session, no doubt and way beyond all my expectations."

Anne B

"Thank you for the work you have been doing with me. I don't think I would have coped at the moment without your techniques and advice. I have zero stress!"

Teresa B

"Talking to you with your understanding of who I am, in relation to what I do/could do, was truly liberating."

Yorkshire, UK

"Lynda, I think that session with you was actually a turning point for me."


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