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No Right or Wrong Way

A friend called to tell me that her best friend’s mother had died in hospital alone of this dreaded virus. My friend was deeply upset.  She had known the lady since her childhood.

What was causing her most distress, was that she couldn’t at this point go to the friend, to offer comfort and support. To follow the traditional norms....

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Be Amazing - Take Time To Notice

reflection wellbeing Dec 16, 2019
Three days of amazing weather and beauty. Life is really for living
The message
Whatever life throws at you... keep going... get out there... show up... do what you do best... love the life you’re living... living the life you love... be amazing, be amazed...
There will be good times and bad times
Ups and downs
Live them all
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Reflecting on 2019 and the past decade


12 / 12 / 2019 and the final Full Moon of this decade of 'the teens'.

A perfect time to pause and reflect on what this last year and the last decade has provided for us.

The highs and lows;
  The amazing memories and the things we would rather forget;
    The friends we've made and those we've lost;
      The journeys and...
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