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Be Amazing - Take Time To Notice

reflection wellbeing Dec 16, 2019
Three days of amazing weather and beauty. Life is really for living 🙌
The message
Whatever life throws at you... keep going... get out there... show up... do what you do best... love the life you’re living... living the life you love... be amazing, be amazed...
There will be good times and bad times
Ups and downs
Live them all
Learn from them 
Be grateful
The dark times have their own energy. It’s not good or bad. It just is. Embrace and see what unfolds. The dark times allow us to see the beauty in the bright times. Without the dark we miss the wow factor of the amazing times.

13 December, Friday morning and a glorious view of the full moon.

Such a great way to start the day. It was fresh and crisp as I trotted out with my camera to capture the beauty of this final Full Moon for 2019.
The final Full Moon of 2019 providing a magnificent morning display 

14 December, Saturday morning and it need stern stuff to leave the house... 

But, it was lovely out in the wild elements - sunshine and showers = rainbows.
Showers = rain, sleet, hail, wind, mizzle.... Definitely refreshing! Invigorating and really illustrated the magic that can happen when you show up.
Glorious rainbows help motivate one to get outdoors..
So whilst it was stormy the morning was dotted with magical scenes and light..

Sunday morning - the morning after..!..!

Woke to snow showers at 05:30 but the day refreshed into glory. Wet but glorious.  
All the rain over the last few months has really affected the fields and places we normally walk. Mud... The net result is that I'm always looking for something different, somewhere the dogs can run off the lead, somewhere I don't get bogged down in mud, somewhere that is inspiring and delightful.
This walk at South Stainley did not disappoint. It is one of my favourites areas to walk but always different with the various options. 
 Streams swell and find new ways when obstacles appear in the way 
The dogs and I headed down the track out of the village. Just passed the Church I noted that our planned return route across a couple of fields was beyond boggy...
Change of plan and just see where we go ;) . The river, ok normally a small stream.., at the end of the village had burst its banks and found its way around and over obstacles
The light was amazing and we all glowed in the sunshine and fresh clean air.
 Peaceful scene despite the volume of water
Following the track and just being present in the moment was perfect. We reluctantly turned around to retrace our steps. And new magic!
I know this from footpath surveys, that things look so different going in the opposite direction. It was stunning.
Walk a different route, walk a usual route in reverse, just witness...
So much so, that the return into the village via the very same track we had left it on, looked so different. Amazing reflections and such a joy to behold.
So.., take time to notice...  be aware...  notice what is around you...  take time to think about the options rather than doing the same...  be inspired...  take action...  


Walking is a magical way to explore, relax, exercise and connect. I love to walk and talk. I love to share the hidden nature spots around here. 

Reach out to me for a free 30 minute chat, or a walk in nature

I love to talk. More importantly, I love to listen. And.. I love to help people connect with who they really are, enjoy life and be the best they can be.

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