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The relationship between physical pain and emotional trauma

health Jul 08, 2019
Are accidents a coincidence?
Is chronic pain something we have to live with?

Life is funny really. In a 'funny' sort of way. 

There have been times in my life where I really needed to just stop.
  stop doing something ..
    make a significant change ..
      or change a behaviour that had become a habit ..

When life gets too hectic I sometimes get a migraine that forces me to slow down, to rest, to take a step back from whatever was going on.

Extreme examples include getting encephalitis where I had to sleep in a dark room for a couple of weeks with no mental, light or sound stimulation.. Wow! For a busy lass who lives life in the fast lane that was tough but interesting too.

At the time I really didn't understand it. I did what was required. I recovered. 

Later, I look back and I see that I needed to get a fresh perspective and perhaps the warning signs weren't being noticed...

I've always said that the Universe deals a big wake up slap if we don't take notice of all the amazing little messages that are sent daily, hourly, each moment. 

Likewise when was hit from behind by a car whilst running a marathon... What are the odds of that? 

I learnt some seriously big life lessons at that time of my life. About letting others help.. Being gracious in accepting support.. Noticing people who wanted to help.. About slowing down and accepting help.. There was a theme here.. 

I broke my right lower leg. I now understand more deeply that the specific injury was also about stepping into the future. 

15+ years later and I still have occasional pain in my right leg but only when I am pushing the boundaries and stepping into a new space. 

Our brains are amazing and do everything they can to protect us. This is a protection mechanism.

But, if we stop and notice. Spend time being in the space. Being quiet. Meditating, if you like. Listen to your body, to your inner thoughts, to your soul.

You will see what is really going on. And you have the power to make a choice. Acknowledge the feeling, the warning message. Thank it for protecting you. And then carefully explore what is real and what is needed now.

You are capable. You are powerful. You know - deep down. You, and only you, really understand what is going on. Why your brain, through your body, is sending those messages.

I see plenty of scenarios play out, perhaps you see these too?

  • A mother whose children have left home or where there is a distant between them – emotionally, physically or completely – will often have pain in their left shoulder area.  A typical sign of grief and feeling of failure as a mother, the nurturing entity. Often also seen in older lonely people who no longer feel important, needed or valued.

The left side being the past, feminine, nurturing energy.
The right side being the future, masculine energy, personal responsibility.
Shoulders representing "taking it all on our shoulders".
  • A pain in the right shoulder, neck area is slightly different and often reflects a deeper feeling of own loss, lost opportunities, lack of fulfilment. The energy of achievement, of purpose and value. Shouldering the responsibilities.

  • Pain in the upper back is related to the heart center. That feeling of love that is so essential to us all. To know that we are loved and to be able to express our love. This is the essence of being human. We are all One and all Devine Love. To be able express this freely allows the energy to flow. To hold things in or restrict our feelings ultimately manifests in our bodies.

  • Throat and voice issues are related to be able to speak out. To speak our truth. To share our wisdom. Hold your tongue. Caught in the throat are sayings that reflect the energy of this.

  • The right side of the body is the future and stepping up. The left is the past and our deeper meaning. If you are fearful of the future odds are it will manifest on the right hand side of your body. If there are unresolved past traumas these often show up on the left hand side.

  • Shedding our identity with skin issues. Little boy who developed eczema when his baby brother was born

  • Hay fever and vomiting are purging the old from our systems. Removing that which no longer serves us

This is such a big field but these are some examples to help illustrate the connections and start the thought process about what is really going on.

So what can we do about this. Surly pills and operations alone do not resolve the underlying issues?

We need to start with understanding and knowing us.

The deep real us. Those areas that we have been scared to show the world.

Perhaps we we told as children we couldn’t sing, dance, we stupid etc.

These energetic patterns are imprinted on us and affect us at a subconscious and even unconscious level. But, we can change this.

This is not us and not ours to own, but ours to release and become the real us.

There are so many modalities of healing and each one of us responds differently depending on who we are and our experience of the world. It is a journey of discovery to find ourselves, through exploration, experience and wonder.

Our lives are not meant to be painful or suffering. We are here to find the way through these and to experience real joy and love. We are all Energy and we are all Love at our essence.

If you would like to explore what is behind a physical, mental or emotional pain that you experience, please contact me. Through the Spontaneous Transformation Technique (STT), that I am qualified in, I am often able to unlock your deep, hidden blockages and release pain and/or mental blocks. 
STT is a very safe, non-stressful, non-invasive, healing system where I guide you through a type of meditation. For more information and to book and 15 minute exploratory call go to Services/Spontaneous Transformation

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