Spontaneous Transformation:

The body is a miraculous storage vessel which carries within all of life’s traumas and joys as well as the myriad of experiences in between that define our lives. It remembers everything even when we don’t.

And, through our resulting relationships, choices and even our pain, disease and unhappiness, those held memories are expressed.

Let's Connect and Get You Some Healing

Spontaneous Transformation Energy Healing is a unique, therapeutic energy healing process that has liberated thousands from their past, opening the doors to greater levels of wealth, freedom, health, joy and fulfilling relationships by simply accessing and releasing what is buried deep within.

Emotional stress related to past trauma, loss, grief, etc can be debilitating. But.. it can also be transformed without getting back into the gory details. This is very special and powerful.

Everyone has a story. Your STT sessions are a time and place to investigate, unravel and transform the energy wrapped up in your stories. From this space you will be able to look at how you wish your future to look without the repeated patterns and challenges that have influenced you so far.

I am committed to helping you further develop your life, your story, to be one you value, cherish and love. I am honoured to journey with you and anticipate a fabulous experience in the continuation of your story. Whilst there are no promises of miracles…. my experience with past and current clients has shown that everyone is capable of transforming by being open to the possibilities.

Each session lasts between 30-50 minutes and is experienced like a guided meditation. It is safe and I work closely with you, listening to how you are feeling, and guiding you through your emotions. We do not discuss, or dig into any of your past traumas, but rather navigate neatly through the emotions that are being carefully held deep within you, exploring and allowing them to transform into something very beautiful.

Physical, mental and emotional issues are safely transformed through this wonderful experience.

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"Lynda was recommended to me after medical tests couldn’t find any reasons for my acute bladder issues. I was open to try anything as my condition was really impacting my whole life. After the first session I felt completely relaxed, like I’d been on a deep meditation journey, but wasn’t sure how this would help. Wow… the change was incredible. Each week I got better and better. The healing sessions, along with Lynda’s wise counsel, helped me regain my life, my happiness and my ability to travel long distance without massive fear and plans of all the possible toilet stops along the way… I had 6 sessions and they were incredible."

Sally H

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