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Time to be focused on supporting our amazing bodies

With all the news and media attention on the coronavirus covid-19, it is easy to spend too much time worrying and stressing about the 'what if'.

Our bodies are amazing instruments that work continuously to support us and maintain a state of health - mental, emotional and physical - despite all the abuse that we throw at it...

Now, more than ever, we need to take our own personal responsibility seriously and look after these amazing vessels we inhabit.

There are 5 key pointers that are easy to consider and take action on. We all know these things but we have got lazy over the years and probably just surviving rather than living.

We know that our bodies require a good night's rest. Eight hours is generally good for us all. Some need slightly less and others a lot more!

Food... nutrition and a healthy gut has been a topic of much discussion for years. It is real and it is important.

Water, yes that stuff that comes out of the taps and makes up roughly 60% of our body. It is more important now than ever to keep well hydrated. The lungs are 83% water and they are one of the key areas being affected by the SARS covid-19 virus.

Exercise keeps us mentally and physically healthy. Our overall wellbeing is massively influenced by time in nature. We need to move more, and ideally outdoors breathing in that amazing air.

Fill your lungs with oxygen. Breathe deeply and slowly. calm your mind and flood your cells with oxygen. It is calming and energising at the same time. 

We have a wake up call to take positive action and make a change to the way we are living - for t.he sake of our lives and the planet.

Read and absorb the 32 simple suggestions that could make a real difference to you and your family.

The stats suggest that many of us will get the covid-19 virus and not even notice that we are infected - that is because we have a strong system that works as it should to support and protect us against a myriad of potential bugs and illnesses.



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