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Success needs constant movement…

success taking action Jun 04, 2019

Our success, or is that us is defined by our ability to keep moving, taking action and like a river flow, or roll with the punches. Good days and bad days. Supportive people and nay-sayers. Supporters and detractors.

We need to constantly keep taking action and moving towards our goals, those outcomes that we have identified as important enough to really put the effort into.

If you have a strong desire to achieve something, change something, or become something different, it will always remain a dream until you take action and start moving towards it. The smallest steps will eventually result in something taking shape. You need to be committed, believe in the outcome and create movement in the right direction.

By taking action, the power of the Universe comes in to play. Those around start to understand what you are aiming for. People and situations arise that are in support of what you are aiming for. It becomes truly amazing. Call it synchronicity. Call it a coincidence. Call it magic. Call it whatever you like… But know that nothing would have happened if you hadn’t taken that first small step.

The more steps you take and with regular action, the events just miraculously unfold. That is the power of being clear of what you desire, knowing that this is in support of your higher good and then taking action – miracles happen!

Have a miraculous day :)


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