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Stress – the good, the bad.. and how to succeed…

We all have stress. We all need stress. Yip, really! But the level of stress is what is important. Healthy stress keeps us moving and focused, too much stress and we become overwhelmed. We are all human!

So, when do you reach the ‘too much’ level? We all have different tolerance levels but the symptoms of excess stress can be seen in many different ways. What you experience will, in all likelihood, be very different to what your partner or best friend experiences. Would you recognise it in yourself, or another? Commonly a drastic change with no apparent planned reason

  • Changing sleep patterns – inability to get to sleep, waking earlier, or not wanting to get out of bed at all…
  • Changing eating habits – increased snacking, missing meals, or not enjoying your food…
  • Changing social habits – not wanting to go out with friends, seeking people to go out with all the time, avoiding being on your own…
  • Changing exercise patterns – when your regular exercise commitments stop being a commitment, or when you start taking on activities that you are either not suited to, built for, or physically capable of…
  • Changing health – sudden weight gain, or loss, increased hair loss, excessively dry skin or outbreaks of spots…
  • Erratic emotions – sudden swings with really high highs with crushing lows, unexplained tears in the most inconvenient moments, or when silently alone..

There are many different indicators, but they all usually have that sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach. Unexplained aches and pains, and that sense of panic where you can’t see what is needed to change the status quo!

In my experience, a fundamental key is to connect with who and what we are. If we know what the issue is, we can always seek solutions. If we know who we are and what makes us feel whole, as a person, we can take steps to fuel that positive feeling and growth. Once we have experienced our own inner self and, are able to further develop our inner confidence and strength, we are, I believe, in a position to actively make strides to be the best we can be!

And that usually helps us determine what is needed and identify ways to achieve this. All transformation encounters challenges – business and personal.. You are not unique….! You can’t grow and develop as a person and expect this to happen without any challenges and associated stresses.

How we respond to the challenges and manage the associated stresses is what makes us unique. No two people have the same journey, experiences or outcomes. You are perfect just as you are. This is often forgotten, or not realised. None of us are ‘broken’. We are all perfect and perfectly on our journey in this lifetime.. All our experiences and challenges are exactly what we need right now to make some serious choices, changes and growth in who we are.

This can be super scary and daunting. Some lives are really, really tough. With my healing work I see and hear some truly horrific stories. But those with the toughest challenges are often the ones who make the most incredible transformations and have incredible stories to tell.

So how does transformation happen? Again, there are so many different ways but the ones that I work with and with which I have seen amazing results include:

  • Identifying what the current issue is
  • Understanding who you are and what you really want to achieve
  • Clearing away any unnecessary beliefs and emotions that are holding you back
  • Making a commitment to change
  • Setting a course of action that enables you to check that every decision is either aligned with your higher purpose and goals, or you understand very clearly why you are doing it
  • Enlisting support to help you through the tough times and to celebrate the good times

I offer a number of programs and different ways to support you on your journey. Whether you chose to work with me, or another, I wish you success and truly believe that we each have the choice on how we pursue our own personal transformations. One thing is for certain, each day is a new start and we will find moments of learning, emotional ups and downs and there will be stresses in play!


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