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Can you accept and love yourself, just the way you are?


Routine is essential...

Day 36 in the UK lockdown... As we start week six, what have you learnt?

Routine, done consistently for any length of time (40 days is good...) leads to habits. Are your habits supporting you or hindering you?

Have you been able to change things in your life that have made you feel great? Exercise, studying, nutrition, alcohol consumption, social media, etc..

Have you found your shadow side? What does it look it? Are you ready to make friends with the parts of you that you hide from the world, and from yourself?

Are you able to look at yourself and accept that this is you, and that you are perfect?

Have you noticed that celebrities look like normal people when they are home too? They are not always dressed up for TV presentations, or events. And, they are amazingly beautiful even when doing their own hair and make-up.

Do you need to have make-up, or a beard, or a mask..., to have the person you feel like, reflected back in the mirror?

So, why are people afraid, or disliking, seeing themselves on zoom, or video generally? And, why are people critical of their voice?

If people close to you, especially those in positions of authority, point out, or criticise, certain aspects of you, the likelihood is that you will develop a 'complex' about it.

Your voice is your sound vibrating throughout you, the vessel that is your body. It is lovely to hear your own music even if it is not the perfect sound that is expected by others.

Chanting creates the resonance within your body, in a similar way to drumming or the deep sound of a didgeridoo. Your sound is unique to you - own it. Allow it to vibrate with your soul.

As a humanity, we are starting to see, hear and notice ourselves, as a person. Are you seeing things that you like? That you are recognising, and seeing who you are without your mask on?

Are you slowing down and finding your rhythm?

Are you using this time wisely? For your advantage?

Using the next five and half months, during the Pluto retrograde, to look at our shadow sides. Drop the judgement, notice, develop self-awareness and accept; accept the beauty of you and who you are.

What are you going to do over the next 6 weeks? Have you got a big why?

Use the time over the next few weeks to find yourself and be really proud of how you used the time. Find a way to accept you, your face, your body, your voice, your mind, the way you work..

You are special. Others like you and you should like you too....

And the rain is forecast - yay..!

Keep well, keep healthy and keep calm

With love


If you are finding things difficult please reach out and talk to someone. It is tough, any change is difficult.

I, and many other people around you, will do what we can to support you. Please reach out. Ask for help. Talk to others. 

There are a range of options available:

  • For those trying to find a routine in working at home
  • If you need someone to talk to, let's have a chat
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  • If now is the time to focus on you and what you want in life, we have plenty of time to do that..., then take a look at the various coaching options available 
  • Join in the "mycornerintime" hashtag on instagram and twitter, where I am taking a daily picture of a corner of my world and capturing the beauty of the changes
  • There will be more things over the next few days so sign up for the latest news about home based retreats, group coaching, mental resilience, stress management, home based working, and just keeping sane. 

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