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Nature continues regardless..

covid19 wellbeing Apr 13, 2020

Day 21 of the UK lockdown and reflections at the end of the Easter long weekend.

The daisies are blooming and my pup needs a hair cut :). Nature shows us so clearly how life will continue regardless of what we are doing. So we need to find our flow and and move with the seasonal rhythm.

It is time to get moving and "make a plan"... 

I have realised that I need to get some real structure and routine into my day and week. I have been adjusting and settling, but now is time to get moving and "get back in the saddle".

I have realised that I have slipped on a "few staples", my daily yoga has become a bit random and my monthly, weekly and daily planning has completely vanished from my world - oops!

More than that, my morning routine has morphed into something that resembles my Saturday 'let's chill' day. Definitely not the way to live life for any extended period of time. Holidays are great but not forever...

Have you noticed how retired people are always so busy. They have time to do all those fun things that we never dream of doing. They really live and make the most of each day. Exploring, connecting, learning, volunteering, giving back, supporting and just enjoying life.

I feel like we have the time, right now, to live more like that. We have a unique opportunity to make the most of this time. 

  • Those who are working from home will be saving time daily on the commute.
  • Families who transport kids to school, after-school activities, and home again will have gained all that time back.
  • People who are currently not working have more time than they probably ever dreamed off...
  • Those who are working are involved in something magnificent and keeping things running, whilst potentially putting themselves at risk. They will be experiencing something unique too, that only those who are there with them will ever really understand. The bond of shared experience.

There is a real opportunity to create something magical, with memories to last a lifetime. Perhaps a legacy, as we find out what is really important and begin to explore ways to do things differently.

Perhaps we need a procrastination list, as opposed to a to-do list. Barbara introduced this in her blog - such a great way to looking at those tasks we have put off for sooooo long and yet we still aspire to do, one day!

I have really enjoyed spending time listening to podcasts. Find people who you resonate with and who inspire you then listen to things that help you move forward.

Do you know what you would like to learn, or explore more of?
Think about this seriously and use this time widely.

Life is made of routine. The cycle of life.

The essence of everything that provides structure.

Day and night. Spring, summer, autumn, winter. Nature doesn't miss a day regardless of what else might be happening.....

What have you not got around to doing? Where should you be focused? 

It is important to take time out
  to be gentle with yourself
    but it is also important to create a routine
      and to support your rhythm, 
        to create the success 
          that we all need and love...

I have mentioned a number of links in this video

If you are finding things difficult please reach out and talk to someone. It is tough, any change is difficult.

I, and many other people around you, will do what we can to support you. Please reach out. Ask for help. Talk to others. 

There are a range of options available:

  • For those trying to find a routine in working at home
  • If you need someone to talk to, let's have a chat
  • If you are looking for some inspired reading
  • If now is the time to focus on you and what you want in life, we have plenty of time to do that..., then take a look at the various coaching options available 
  • Join in the "mycornerintime" hashtag on instagram and twitter, where I am taking a daily picture of a corner of my world and capturing the beauty of the changes
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