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Shining the spotlight on our humanity

covid19 wellbeing Apr 10, 2020

Here we are just before the Easter weekend and checking in and sharing events, observations, thoughts and experiences - my own and some from my friends, family and clients.

Why am I doing these videos?

The videos are my personal record of my experience during the UK lockdown but I hope that they provide you with some insights and takeaways to make your day, thoughts and life a little brighter. This week we have had the full brightness of the second super Full Moon in a trio sequence. The moon has been the closest to Earth that it will be all year - really special and definitely illuminating loads of aspects of our world and daily lives. 

Doing things differently...

Are you finding, and embracing, daily tasks that allow you to stretch and find new ways of finding success?

  • I've had cars that don't start after not being driving for days... 
  • I found ways to spoil the folk I've been are shopping for, with little treats... and nope, I didn't buy any Easter eggs - oops!
  • How about getting help from experts to help us bravely tackle tasks at home, by ourselves, with remote guidance? Things like decorating, gardening, plumbing etc...

The last few days have provided me with some more beautiful observations and reflections:

  • Noticing people as they move around doing their daily exercise, shopping, supporting, working and connecting.
  • Witnessing the progress of spring and the changes happening all around us.
  • Reflecting on behaviours and stresses appearing this week....

The opportunities from a 40-day challenge, and day-16...

Any 40-day challenge experiences those really tough days around 'day-16' and through to 'day-20', and we are seeing those showing up in daily life now as we enter week three of lockdown in the UK (around 14:00 minutes in).

In a 40-day challenge, and I really believe we are all in one now!, about 50% of those who start will not get past day-16...

If you can push through and get to day-20 you have a really good chance of successfully completing the challenge and emerging with all the benefits of consistent practice, the satisfaction of having achieved something pretty remarkable, and the new internal knowledge that we are pretty amazing and capable of pushing past our limiting beliefs - the benefits vibrate throughout your being and life.  

Along with this being the third week of lockdown, we have our PM in hospital bringing a new range of stresses and reality of the crisis. Easter coincides, traditionally a time of getting together with family, travelling to holiday destinations, and here we are all staying home. And, we will soon learn about the extension to this period of lockdown.

A real pressure time for melting emotions.... 

Personally, I've been going through my own challenges too. However, I count myself fortunate in understanding the emotions and being able to lean on my experiences from multiple 40-day yoga and meditation challenges.

  • The shopping experience...
  • The delays in doing things I had planned...
  • Finding ways to do things and realise where we are...

So..., give yourself a break! It's all going to be ok. Everything we are experiencing is asking us to think, behave and approach differently. Explore options and alternatives.

Acknowledging the sad times and the grief of many

There are many sad situations. Loved ones dying alone, not being able to attend funerals to reflect and remember the lives of amazing people, radical changes to 'normal routines'.

These are extraordinary times.

Seek new ways of remembering, honouring and reflecting. More on this another day... Perhaps a written note to convey your memories, supporting you and your loss and providing comfort and love to the families impacted.

How are you coping?

Reflecting on how others are coping, or not. Like I said earlier, this is a tough week.. Be gentle and observe your reactions, feelings and emotions. Share these and talk more with others around you. Connect with positive influences. Engage online with friends and family.

But sometimes we need downtime.... allow yourself those days to just chill.

Then get back-in-the-saddle and establish a routine to support you - sleep, food, exercise, breathing/air, meditation/quiet time, work, fun activities, etc.

Being aware of those around you who are poorly and need support, sometimes just emotional support - a chat, a kindness, a friendship.

Thoughts on the business aspects..

It is time to breaking through the mind blocks around what we are able to do, should and could do..!..!

It really is a time to be creative, be brave and step up!

I discuss my thoughts on charging for value added services (from 42:00 minutes in). Should be charging for our services or not? Personally I think it is our duty to share our skills and expertise. It is also important to value ourselves, our time, our skills. 

I love this explanation of the importance of keeping money / energy / the economy flowing

Putting relationships under pressure..

Times like this put strained relationships under the spotlight (30:15). Being forced to spend time with people we haven't communicated with 'properly' for months, or years, forces discussions and hopefully a new revival of previous affection and understanding. 

Time together either creates the environment to work through misunderstandings and miscommunication, or provides the clarity that the situation is not tolerable and some action must be taken to change the status quo.

These times of lockdown are affecting the people involved in rediscovering who their partner is, finding space and time for all family members in the home, dealing with situations where people are going out working and being potentially exposed to the coronavirus.

Perceptions will be different for each of us, keep communication flowing and share. Talk..

Vibrational changes to our Earth and to ourselves

The planet and people going through vibrational changes. We have an opportunity to heal and decide how we chose to live, act, be when this is all over.

We are all One.... Perhaps we are now seeing the reality of what is important - our health, love, communication, connection, community.. and more.

Sleep is important to cope with the energies and stresses - take time to rest and to listen to the thoughts and messages that are flooding our bodies and brains each morning.

What are we tuning into? We have the chose to tune our receiver into whichever 'radio' channel we decide to listen to. Be conscious of what messages you are receiving - from within you and from external sources you are spending time with.

When we need something and we are ready we will hear the message we need. Be open to receive. Be curious. Thank you Universe ;).

Think differently, creatively, and imagine a future you desire.

Make a conscious decision to do things differently.

Don't be busy for busy sake. Be selective with how you spend your time.

Connect and talk. Take your daily exercise.

Explore new things that are popping up. There are so many options now. Places like the RSPB Bite Size and live webcams, museum tours online, musicians and online concerts, theatre screenings, new movie releases.

Be inspired, relax and connect with you. Look after you xx.

2020 04 09 Day 17 lockdown

If you are finding things difficult please reach out and talk to someone. It is tough, any change is difficult.

I, and many other people around you, will do what we can to support you. Please reach out. Ask for help. Talk to others. 

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