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Bravely learning new skills - grooming a schnauzer!


After only doing a very short walk yesterday.... I planned a longer one today. 

The intention was to get out really early and visit one of our favourite walks down to the packhorse bridge. I have avoided this walk as the riverside path is narrow and on a slope making it really difficult to keep a 2m distance from other people.

So, with an early morning start I thought it might be doable. Besides I wanted to see if the bluebells are out yet.

And, after fiddling around at home, and trying to upload the video I recorded this morning, we set out at about 11:45 - oh no!

I decided to keep to the plan anyway. A fabulous walk over the playing fields and down the road which was part of the UCI Road Cycling town circuit, before turning onto the Duchy Estate and dropping down, through a narrow ginnel, to the river.


We were lucky at the ginnel as we didn't meet anyone else, but as soon as we reached the river level there were people close behind us, also coming down the path. 

We did a diversion round to a favourite swimming spot, and to look at the bluebells. It was beautiful and off the 'beaten track'.

Lyra had her swim. I took some photos... yes, more photos! And the bluebells are only just starting to appear. The wild garlic is looking spectacular :).


 Just across the river, over the packhorse bridge, was a couple having a picnic. It was such a stunning setting, I asked permission to take photograph and capture the scene.


From this point on it just got busy and this magical walk was being enjoyed by many families and couples out getting their exercise, enjoying the day. The golf course was being used as a picnic spot with separate family groups taking up a comfortable position next to the stream.

Arriving home at 13:45, we followed the normal protocol and put young Lyra into the bath for a shower down. She was so sandy it became a full shampoo and complete scrub. This part she loves.

As she was now sparky clean, it seemed the perfect time to attempt a grooming session...

I have never done this before!

I have watched a brief video on how to clip a schnauzer's body! Didn't get as far as the legs, feet and head...!..!

I have owned proper dog grooming clippers and scissors since she was a young pup.... but she isn't best pleased with being groomed so she normally goes to lovely Penny every 6 weeks. Until the lockdown came into being!

I got the hairdryer out and proceeded to convince this lass that this was a good idea ...

The set up my outdoor salon, complete with improvised stand to hold her, on one of the garden tables.

And this was the result :) :)


It is not perfect but it is so much better than the fluffy look she had a few hours previously.

She feels better and despite a few "I'm not happy with this" moments we both survived.

I have done something I have never tried before. It was actually quite fun.

It was lovely spending the time in very close proximity with my pup - learning together.

Only by trying do we find out what is possible. Even better, we might actually really enjoy the experience and, perhaps chose to learn more and become even better at this new found accomplishment.

It was a fun Sunday. Tomorrow is back to work and at least I feel like I have had a positive break this weekend.

with love


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