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Pause, Breathe, Reset...

Uncategorized Feb 24, 2020

The stillness of a white morning, resplendent in the quietness, after the fury of recent storms.

Do you take a break? Do you stop and pause, even for a moment?

The best thing we can do to be effective is to take a break and step away for a moment. Moving into a different space clears the mental pathways and allows us, allows our brain, time to sort through the messages and knowledge that is sitting just back from those thoughts that are in the foreground - effectively blocking the way.

Taking a break outside gives us time to move our body and free up our thoughts.

Magical really. And so simple...

This week we had 'proper' snow. It was wonderful to wake up to the white, silent, still morning. Such a change to the rain and wind of the last few weeks.

I had a tussle with myself - so much work to do and yet it was so beautiful outside.

I reviewed my diary and priorities, cleared through a few urgent things and then escaped outdoors. It was magical. 

To be fair I can struggle to listen to my own good advice sometimes... Don't we all?

But getting outside into the white, with the dogs and Trish, was amazing. It was not the white crunchy snow that we love. It was 2 inches of rapidly melting snow which had fallen on ground that was already completely waterlogged.

It was pretty but it was wet and very slushy. But... it was fabulous getting outside and taking the break. We shouldn't feel guilty for the small breaks. They are what is essential to our general wellbeing and also to our efficient and effective action taking!


Walking is a magical way to explore, relax, exercise and connect. I love to walk and talk. I love to share the hidden nature spots around here. 

Reach out to me for a free 30 minute chat, or a walk in nature

I love to talk. More importantly, I love to listen. And.. I love to help people connect with who they really are, enjoy life and be the best they can be.

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