Friday 13 November 2020

7.30pm GMT / UT

Clearing Our Energy Bodies

In this live session I will be sharing a few simple exercises, processes and rituals that clear and cleanse our energy fields of unwanted negativity, repairing dents and damage sustained, ensuring that we are as whole and complete in our human body as we can be.

It might sound a little woohoo . . . but we all have a number of energy layers outside our physical body and these protect us and each serve a different purpose. It is important to support "all of our bodies" otherwise we can experience ailments that have not physical explanation - they aren't in the physical body... 

Most of us have heard about chakras - these are internal energy centres and they also need cleansing and clearing. I will share a wonderful Kundalini mantra and exercise that I use regularly, the Long Ek Ong Kar mantra. It is soothing, healing and revitalising - just what we need at the moment with all the stresses around.


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In these times of stress and adaptation to new experiences, and ways of living, we are finding it comforting to understand why certain cultures, and peoples, react and respond in different ways, each supporting themselves and their communities through times of change.

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