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I believe in you, and I believe you are exactly where you need to be right now...

For you to grow and fulfil your true potential, and get to where you want to be, you will need to make some changes in your life.
I am here to support, challenge, question and guide you as you move into the future you desire and deserve.

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results” – Albert Einstein. 

Any change is difficult. Staying put feels comfortable, but you have to embrace change if you want to make your dreams come true. Only by doing things differently, can you find the path to richer experiences and a more rewarding future.

The challenge is knowing what changes to make. You can try to ‘work it out’, and may have tried already, but without the right guidance, you could end up more confused than you were before. That’s when people give up and settle for what they already know.


Coaching Programmes
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Personal growth is a difficult journey...

It requires commitment and effort on your part, but I will help you cut through the noise, so you can be sure that you are moving towards your goals. I will help you see a clear way forward by gently challenging you in a safe and supportive environment. 

Knowing where you are going will empower you, ensuring your journey is more amazing and rewarding.


Your success is my aim. Whatever your success looks like! It is yours and yours alone.

You know what you desire – you do really if you stop and just listen to your heart. I will help you hear, and trust, what your heart is telling you.

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“Stuff happens.  It's how you respond that matters.  Your future is in your hands."

Our minds are incredibly wise and wonderful.

Our hearts are passionate, deep and full of love.

Your brain is powerful and if you let it, in its fantastic role as protector, it will scupper even your best-made intentions. Remember, change means discomfort and your brain wants to protect you from that. It’s a flaw in the system. But there is a way around it…

The techniques we can use for recognising and managing our emotions and reactions are constantly evolving, thanks to the findings of neuroscience studies, which are giving us greater understanding of how our brains work.

By combining this knowledge with tried and tested coaching techniques and exercises, I will support you on you voyage of discovery, change and growth. If you are willing and open to it, I can also incorporate other ancient wisdoms. I match my approach to your mindset.

"Thanks for last night it was a massive help and I'm looking forward for the future sessions."

Rae S.
Technical Architect and Entrepreneur

Areas we can focus on:

  • Finding your why? Looking at the what, when and how. What is your story? Your legacy?
  • Coping with change. Navigating the options with a clear head and identifying the best way forward for you to succeed.
  • Dealing with loss. Relationships, work (retirement, retrenchment), loved ones (human and animal), life as you’ve known it…
  • Changing family dynamics. Kids leaving home, two families coming together, parents moving in, etc.
  • Small Business. Starting your new business venture, growing to the next stage, team dynamics and effectiveness.
  • A myriad of other options, but always dedicated to you and for you.

"Thank you for making time today.
It was a very valuable and completely unexpected conversation - and result. I think this is about getting out of my comfort zone and continuing to grow and challenge myself - and value my worth! So, thanks for shining that light."

Sue C - London, UK
Leading Nutritionist and Entrepreneur

"I have personally benefited from Lynda's knowledge and counsel. Spending time with her and witnessing her strong self-belief and how to successfully navigate through life's complex map brings her teachings to life."

Ian M - Berkshire, UK
Senior Executive - Major Tech Company

"I feel like I am finally getting back to the place where I love everyone just as they are. Me included. Your perspective is refreshing and guiding. Not dominant or prescriptive. Just perfect."

A lovely lass.. - Yorkshire, UK

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