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Hosted by Lynda Fussell, the "walking coach" who brings people back to nature and natural ways of living, in harmony with ourselves, our families and our environment



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Finding health and happiness through small changes. Making sense of what works for each of us as unique beautiful people.



Plenty of good quality sleep is needed to allow our amazing bodies to regenerate and fight any disease. Mental and physical wellbeing is supported by sleep.


Finding that space to be calm daily. It is important to stop for a few moments and just be. The quietness of the early morning is ideal, but anytime you need to clear your mind.

Fresh Air

Fresh air is always great - allow your lungs to fill slowly and deeply. Ensure that you have access to plenty of air, especially at night.


Our bodies are designed to move. They operate best when mobile allowing the fluids and energy to circulate, supplying and cleansing all aspects.


The energy source for all systems in the body is food. Good quality nutritious food goes a long way to supporting our natural in built defence mechanisms. Eat to enhance.


Yes water... Our bodies need a regular supply of clean water to keep lubricated and transport the amazing cocktails of life force through to every cell and system.

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