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Get Set For Success

Join this 4-part training course that will help you free up your time and gain control over your life 

This is for you if:

  • You have multiple projects, are hectically busy and also aspire to have 'a life'
  • You have dreams, ideas, plans and that never seem to get completed, or is that started..
  • You ever feel overwhelmed with everything on your do-to list
  • You have multiple to-do lists.... just to survive
  • You are stressed - time just flies by, your family want more of your time, work needs more of your time, you are desperate for a break, for a life!
  • You keep promising things to people and find that you are regularly apologising for the late delivery
  • You are an entrepreneur, a business owner, a leader, a living breathing human being..

What you'll get:

  • Learn the simple steps and mindset changes that can give you the peace, freedom and control of a very busy life
  • Realise just how easy it is to have a plan that you can actually work with and live by
  • Understand the possibilities to create an amazing 12 weeks through to the end of November
  • Four live lessons over two weeks providing the basis for an amazing 12 weeks through to the end of November
Access to 4 x 40 minute live training calls, with Q&A time.
Tuesday and Thursday 08:30 BST starting on 13 August.

The 12-Week Year concept obviously works on exactly that... 12 weeks of planned activity with a year-end that looms every quarter.

If I can introduce you to the idea and how to implement this really simple and effective system during August, then you will be able to get more done in the last few months of this year than most folk will do all year.

September through November is an ideal time, as December is a hectic social month for most making work somewhat challenging 😊.

And you will have already planned for January and February before December starts - imagine how that would feel!

Give yourself the opportunity to end the year on a high with the experience of completing a 12 week planning cycle, with support.
Please Note: this will only be offered to attendees of this course - REGISTER NOW!

What People Are Saying:

I am getting into the practice of planning out activities and seeing the benefits from our previous session already.